Environmental emergency

and discharge 24/7

Pompage Express M.D Inc.

Pompage Express M.D. Inc. will fulfill your every need in terms of municipal, commercial, industrial or residential cleaning in the Greater Montréal Area. You can also trust our team of experts with vermiculite removal and hazardous waste recycling as well as road or maritime accidental leaks or spills clean-up.

Our rapid intervention teams are fully-equipped to treat, remove and dispose of oily water and other wastewater or chemicals products. We also recycle and store any and all solid or liquid waste. Ensuring a clean environment is in fact at the heart of Pompage Express M.D. Inc.’s concerns. We guarantee an exceptional customer service. It is therefore not surprising to see so many businesses and municipalities maintain a truly lasting relationship with us.


  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Removal of all Types of Tanks
  • Sewers and Aqueduct
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Maritime and Rail Services
  • Hazardous Material Disposal
  • Container Rental
  • Zonolite Vermiculite Pumping/Removal